Study and EducationStudying Greenbooks
Training straight chiropractors
ResearchVertebral Subluxation,Adjustment techniques,Pattern analysis
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TIC-DO is NOT a school, it is a Do-jo style institute. So the activities that TIC-DO presents are not alike a school provides
Overseas TrainingVisiting Sherman College etc.
EnlightenFacebook,TIC-DO website,Members'Blogs,A lecture meeting etc.)

Special Recommendation

Congratulations to TIC-DO! Dr. Betty and I am pleased with the founding of TIC-DO, an organization dedicated to bringing vertebral subluxation adjustments to as many people as possible.
We are writing this on September 18, the 121st Anniversary of the founding of the chiropractic profession.
The world knows much about disease and so little about health, TIC-DO will tell the people about how vertebral subluxation interferes with the body’s innate striving to maintain its health, and bring quality chiropractic care to the world.
Betty J. Gelardi, D. C. and Thomas A. Gelardi, D. C.